WC 57 EX Big Axle Bearing Conversion & Dutchman Axles

Tri-5 WeeCrafted


WC 57 EX Big Axle Bearing Conversion & Dutchman Axles

P/N WC 57 EX / Dutchman

Tri-5 WeeCrafted has developed a up-grade kit for your 57 rear ends.

New axles with new wheel studs, New stronger Bearing retainer plates, New Timkin Bearings, New axle bearing retainer bolts, Fel-Pro retainer plate gaskets and a tube of Permatex RTV gasket maker. Everything you need.


The Tri-5 WeeCrafted Big Axle bearing retainer plate are CNC machined and are 40% thicker than the Original stamped steel plates.

Our plates can be used with Drum or Disc Brakes.

The WC 57 EX Special Bearing Retainer Plate has been designed just for this application. It’s been designed for the wider RW-607-BR bearing. GM designed their housing so that the bearing extended out of the end of the axle housing tubes. When the retainer plates are bolted up tight the outer race of the bearing is held in the axle housing.                                          

We use the 1958/64 RW607NR sealed bearing that is 0 .127” wider than the 1957 RW307R original open bearing used. The RW307R open bearing is a one year only bearing. This bearing is open to the gear lube and has a the lip seal to the outboard side. GM must have had problems with this design as they changed the bearing design in 1958 too a completely sealed bearing and turned the lip seal to the inboard side and have a dust shield on the outboard side. This new design must have solved any problems they were having with the 1957 design. GM cars ran this new bearing design until 1965 when they came out with the roller bearing that uses the axle as the inter race.


We are using Dutchman axles. The have been made with a special offset. This offset makes up for the wider bearings and puts the overall axle flange to flange back to the original width. Axles have new wheel studs.


Kit includes :      

(2) WC 57 EX Plates, (2) Dutchman Axles, (2) Fel-Pro Gaskets

(8) Square Headed retainer bolts, lock washers & nuts

(2) Timken RW607RN Bearings

(1) 3 oz. Tube Permatex RTV Gasket Maker


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