Pulling 1972 Shasta Trailer with 1955 Chevy

Just finished restoring my 1972 Shasta 13’ Compact travel trailer. My plan is to make some road trips pulling the trailer with my 55. I’ve had rear axle bearing problems in the past, so I have developed two bearing up-grades, one for the 55/56 and one for the 57 rear axle housing. Both involve some machining. This Post is about the 55/56 up-grade.

I took my 1955 rear axle housing into the local machine shop and had them bore the end bells so as to work with the bigger 58/64 bearing (RW-607- RB) This has a 3.00” OD, 1.032
wide and bore of 1.378”. The stock 55 bearing is much smaller (RW-507- ER) 2.8346” OD, 0.925” wide and bore of 1.378”.
 They first set it up in a Lathe, but they ran into problems. They couldn’t find a surface on the outside of the housing that was concentric with the bore. They had to set it up on a Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine and index it to the bore and bored it to a standard slip fit. The cost for machining was $200.

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